Brookville Library Funding District

Currently, State Mandated Access Cards allow individuals who live in areas of Nassau County which do not currently support local public library service to borrow some materials from the member libraries of the Nassau Library System (NLS). Because the State does not allow a fee to be charged for these cards and because the individuals issued these cards are not currently taxed for local public library service, the State has approved limitations on what can be borrowed or accessed by these cardholders.

These access cards were intended to be an interim accommodation while mechanisms could be put into place so that all Nassau residents are able to contribute their fair share of tax support for public library service. The mechanism for areas that are untaxed for local public library service in which less than 10,000 people reside is the creation of a library funding district.

One such area is former Brookville School District #3 (currently Election District 3 of the Locust Valley Central School District). It includes parts of Matinecock, Muttontown, Upper Brookville, Old Brookville and Brookville and has a population of approximately 2,150. Hence, the Brookville Library Funding District was proposed as a means of collecting taxes for public library service and contracting with a nearby library for library service.

A public vote on the creation of the Brookville Library Funding District was held on Tuesday, October 22, 2013. The creation of the district was defeated by majority of those who voted.

Had the creation of the Brookville Library Funding District been approved by the voters, the Town of Oyster Bay would have contracted with one of the three libraries that offered contracts for service -- the one receiving the greatest number of votes.

The proposed Brookville Library Funding District would have been a special district of the Town of Oyster Bay that was entirely separate, both administratively and financially, from the Locust Valley Central School District.

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