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The Nassau Library System is a cooperative library system chartered under State Educational Law 255. It is a consortium comprised of 54 member libraries and a Service Center for the libraries. Each member library is independent, autonomous, supported by local taxes, and governed by its own board of trustees. All public libraries in Nassau County are members of NLS.

The Nassau Library System is governed by a Board of Trustees elected pursuant to the requirements of Education Law and the By-laws of the Nassau Library System. The member library trustees nominate and elect NLS Trustees.

The Service Center is managed by the Director of the Nassau Library System. The Director is appointed by the NLS Board of Trustees. The Director functions within the policies established by the NLS Board, the regulations of the NY State Commissioner of Education and the Board of Regents, as well as the requirements of the New York State Division of Library Development.

The Nassau Library System was created to foster quality public library service in Nassau County, to enhance the public library resources and services available, to effect economies in operations, to provide training and continuing education opportunities, and to stimulate development of public library service in unserved areas. Its mission is to:

  • Support and strengthen member libraries.

  • Provide leadership for the continuous improvement of public library service.

  • Promote cooperation and facilitate resource sharing among member libraries

  • Encourage equitable access to member library collections and services.

  • Develop and coordinate services that are more cost effective than when done at the individual library level.

  • Serve as a liaison between member libraries and the statewide library network.

  • Provide leadership on library-related issues.

  • Advocate for statewide and national initiatives that benefit member libraries and those they serve.

  • Coordinate and administer state and federal aid to member libraries.

  • Encourage and facilitate the meeting of state standards as well as compliance with state regulations and reporting requirements.

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