NY State of Health - The Official Health Care Marketplace Affordable Care Act

Local Resources:

New York State of Health Marketplace:
Compare health plan options and apply for assistance that could lower the cost of health coverage. Individuals and families may also qualify for free or low-cost coverage from Medicaid or Child Health Plus through the Marketplace. Anyone who needs health coverage can apply.

New York State of Health Customer Service Line: 855-355-5777
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday - 9am-1pm

Navigators are available through the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council to provide in-person assistance to help understand coverage options and to enroll in plans.

Tax Credit & Premium Estimator:
Estimate the amount you would pay toward a health plan after the application of any advance tax credits to which you may be eligible. Your estimated advance tax credit is paid directly to your health plan by the federal government. You only pay your portion of the premium.

National Resources:

AARP - Health Law Fact Sheets:
Get the facts about the Affordable Care Act with these educational fact sheets. Many of these resources are also available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Tagalog.

National Immigration Law Center -- Immigrants and the Affordable Care Act:
Explains the benefits and requirements of the ACA by status:
- Naturalized Citizens
- Lawfully Present Immigrants
- Undocumented Immigrants

Small Business & the Affordable Care Act:
Streamlined tool to help business owners understand what they need to know about new insurance options and other health care changes as well as find health care-related resources relevant to business.

USA.gov - Health Insurance:
USA.gov's Health Insurance page includes: A brief overview on health insurance and the Affordable Care Act. Key dates for enrollment and coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Publications to provide more information. For information in Spanish, click on Espanol in the top right corner

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